About Us

We deliver the solution to health protection monitoring for operator and employer

HAVSco was created  a concept for the HAVsense Hand Arm Vibration measurement system converted it into a product in 2000. This was when the EU was developing the ‘Physical Agents’ Directive. This Directive included vibration as a potential health hazard that needed to be ‘controlled’.

After bringing the HAVSense product to the market we looked at other areas of environmental monitoring to expand HAVSco to compliment the hand arm vibration monitoring system.

With new legislation being brought in, the Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work (CEMFAW) regulations in July 2016, we looked to include other solutions for environmental  monitoring . We introduced the MICRORAD system to monitor EM Fields in the workplace.


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Keith Phillips

Managing Director

Keith has extensive experience with Health and Safety in demanding environments, meaning he understands the importance of monitoring risks to employee health and the challenges faced by operators and employers alike


David Mawdsley


David first conceived the idea of HAVSense back in 2000, even before the required technology existed. Once the technology became available, himself and Warwick Barnes developed the HAVSense system to protect operators from harmful vibration.

Warwick Barnes

Senior Engineer

Warwick worked with David to initially develop HAVSense. He continues to develop, innovate and support solutions for Environmental monitoring. 

Our Principle

At HAVSco we believe that it is imperative to protect operators from harmful exposure to hand-arm vibration and EM Fields that are presented in the workplace and that employers should have the means to protect their workers and comply with legislation. The UK and EU enforce legislation that requires employers to monitor the vibration dosage and EM Fields individual operators receive. We provide systems, allowing operators to avoid dangerous exposure and employers to comply with the law and protect against potential litigation. At HAVSco we are committed to continued innovation, to ensure that both workers and employers are protected for the future.



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2015 innovation awards
In 2105  the British Precast Innovation award was given to HAVSco for the HAVSense system and our contribution to the monitoring of hand-arm vibration.
       The SMART Innovation award was given to HAVSco for the HAVSense concept