What Are Dosimeters?

HAV Dosimeters are the truly unique component of the HAVSense System, completely self-contained, they record the entire vibration dosage imparted on the hands and fingers, unlike any other system available. They have been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably between the fingers under or over a glove, require no wires or connections and automatically transfer their entire vibration record to your computer system when returned to the docking system at the end of a shift.


HAV Dosimeters


How They Work

The HAV dosimeters have been ergonomically developed to sit seamlessly between the fingers  whether beneath or above a glove. Careful design ensures our dosimeters don’t hinder movement or use of the hand, while still being right where the vibration occurs.

Thousands of times a second, the dosimeter filters and processes the signal from three sensors, positioned in the three axes. Every second, HSE points are automatically calculated and recorded by the dosimeter. Should the operator exceed either the action limit or the legal limit of HSE points the dosimeter will issue a visual alarm, indicating to the operator they must stop their exposure.

At the end of a shift, the dosimeter is simply placed back into the docking station which will transfer the vibration record to a PC and charge the dosimeter ready for the next shift.


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HAVSco Dosimeter
HAVSco Dosimeter
HAVSco Dosimeter
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Why Dosimeters Are The Solution

Other systems that aim to monitor vibration exposure work by timing the period an operator uses a certain tool. Unfortunately, this method is intrinsically flawed because; it means operators must remember to start and stop timing and the vibration an operator receives changes drastically depending a wide range of factors including;


  • Where the tool is held
  • How tightly the tool is held
  • Wearing various types of gloves
  • Not wearing gloves
  • The various materials the tool is used on
  • Varying levels of vibration throughout use
  • Wear and condition of the tool
  • Stance of operator


HAVSense dosimeters measure and record the vibration actually received by the operator. This makes circumstances irrelevant, the exact vibration dosage will be recorded accurately, protecting operators and meaning employers comply with legislation. Find out more about HAV dosimeters monitoring.





Technical Specification


45 mm
24 mm
37 mm
23 gms


HAVSco Dosimeter


3 sensors along 3 orthogonal axes
Range (RMS)
0.18 to 180ms-2 (Overload clips peak at 254ms-2 without hysteresis or lag)
Range (Freq.)
5Hz – 1.6KHz
Data Recording
Sampled once per second (sum or x,y and z axes plus overload)
Hand-arm freq. weighting
Wh as defined by ISO 8041
Daily vibration exposure A(8) or Ahwx, Ahwy, Ahwz, HSE exposure points, overload per cent time.


User Identification
Assigned when collected from dock
 Normal Operation
 Reaching Action Level
 Limit Level
1 flash every 4sec
1 flash every sec
4 flashes per sec
Battery Life
Minimum 12 hrs full charge
Charge time
3.5 hrs (typical)
Temperature Range
-10 – 40C (Operating)
0 – 40C (Charging)


Standards Compliance
CEISO 8041:2005
Electrical Safety
IEC 61326-1:2005: Electrical equipment for measurement control and laboratory use
IEC 61010-1:2001: Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement control and laboratory use





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