The MICRORAD Solution

We are convinced that when facing the future challenges in electromagnetic safety it will be essential to provide highly optimised metering systems.

We have provided this functionality so that users can measure from static/almost static magnetic fields up to 6GHz utilising only two probes while remaining compliant with Directive 2013/35/EU. This solution is the NHT-3D meter plus 33P and 01E probes

These instruments must be flexible and easy to use, sufficiently powerful to analyse electromagnetic pulse fields with specific application software for remote control and time/frequency analysis.

There are 3 groups of product:

  1. The meters
    • HAVSCo supplies the MICRORAD series of meters and probes that fully meet the requirements of the relevant standards, including ICNIRP (International Committee for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection) and CEMFAW [2016] (Control of ElectroMagnetic Fields At Work regulations).
    • The MicroRad range is based on 2 types of meter:
      • The NHT-310 – ideal for RF field evaluations. Frequency coverage up to 40GHz.
      • The NHT-3D for complex field evaluations. Frequency coverage for the complex analysis is up to 400KHz. This includes full assessment of ICNIRP thresholds, public and occupational levels, FFT analysis and time domain analysis (CEI EN 62233), oscilloscope mode. The NHT-3D also covers the field evaluation range up to 40GHz.
      • Both meters include GPS positioning, data logging, 100dB dynamic range without range changing, temperature sensing, USB and fibre optic communications and PC software.
  1. The probes
    • A range of plug-in probes is available to compliment the meters. Each probe covers a specific type of field and frequency range. Selection should be based on the particular requirement. Uniquely, the MicroRad range includes 2 models of combined probe (the type 33N, DC to 20KHz and the 33P DC to 400KHz) which will measure all three fields without the need to change the probe.

Click here for summary of the probe range. 

These probes are isotropic with highly dynamic response to pulsed signals, prerequisites for today’s needs when measuring electromagnetic fields from digitally modulated sources.


Model Size Field Frequency range Amplitude range
01E   E 100KHz – 6.5GHz        0.2 – 350V/m
02E   E 400KHz – 40MHz 2 – 800V/m
02H   H 300KHz – 30MHz 0.016 – 16A/m
03E   E 100KHz – 18GHz 0.8 – 340V/m
04E   E 3MHz – 40GHz 0.5 – 350V/m
06E   E 100KHz – 6.5GHz 0.35 – 650V/m
10B   B 1Hz – 400kHz 0.1uT – 1mT
10H   B DC  (Static) 5uT – 5mT
11E   E 1Hz – 400KHz 20V/m – 20kV/m
20H   B 0Hz – 1000Hz 1mT – 15T
30H   B 0Hz – 1000Hz 200uT – 600mT
20B 100cm2 B 1Hz – 20KHz 300nT – 16mT
30B 100cm2 B 1Hz – 400KHz 300nT – 16mT
33N   100cm2   E 1Hz – 20KHz 20V/m – 20kV/m
B 1Hz – 20KHz 300nT – 16mT
B DC (Static) 5uT – 5mT
33P   100cm2   E 1Hz – 400KHz 20V/m – 20kV/m
B 1Hz – 400KHz 300nT – 16mT
B DC (Static) 5uT – 5mT
  1. The application software
    • Each NHT-3D or NHT 310 can link to a PC running the software included with the meter.
    • Connection between the meter and the PC via USB or optical fibre interface.
    • The software has 3 main functions:
      • To control the meter remotely so that operation can be unattended.
      • To program the meter with safety limit data.
      • To analyse, display and store results.
      • To link with mapping applications to display location.
    • The NHT-3D software (WAVE) allows the user to analyse pulsed fields,
      • automatically calculate the following indexes:
        • WP10 (ICNIRP 2010 Health Physics 99:818-836-2010)
        • IB50 (Time domain analysis EN62233)
        • ll98 ICNIRP 1998 Health Physics 74:494-522-1998)
        • IRSS (Frequency domain analysis EN62233)
      • and to simultaneously function as an oscilloscope
      • and spectrum analyser (up to 65536 samples)