HAVS Support

Technical Support

If you have specific technical support questions about your HAVSense system then our engineers, lead by Warwick Barnes, will be happy to help. If you are experiencing a fault with your system please see Customer Service.

Tel: 01692 400 635

Email: tech@havsco.co.uk

Customer Service

If you would like to upgrade your system or are experiencing a fault, please get in contact with our office staff, lead by Keith Phillips. Customer service will also be able to advise on any technical support you may need.

Tel: 01692 400 635

Email: sales@havsco.co.uk


If your dosimeters are due for their annual calibration, please get in touch with Keith Phillips, to organise a date that best suits you. Your dosimeters will typically be returned within a week.

Tel: 01692 400 635