HAVS Software

What Is the HAVSense Software?

Software is the component of HAVSense that turns components into a system. The software controls the issuing of dosimeters and the collection and management of data they produce. With the Desktop Dock plugged into a PC running the HAVSense software, workers are able to issue dosimeters, upload their data and review their exposure. Employers can use the software to view and manage their worker’s exposure as well as change settings for the system.


HAVSco Software


How The Software Works

The software uses a two-level hierarchy; Users and Administrators. User profiles are used by workers who wish to monitor their vibration exposure while administrators are able to review any user’s data and change settings for individuals and for the system as a whole. The HAVSense software automatically detects when a docking station is connected to the PC and dosimeters in the dock will charge. An administrator is then able to register the dosimeters to the software ensuring the dosimeters can only be used where authorised.


When a desktop dock is attached to a PC running the HAVSense software users are able to issue themselves a dosimeter to monitor their vibration. A user logs into the software using their personal login code and simply presses the activate button. The software will then choose a dosimeter with sufficient charge to last a full shift and will create a time and user stamp to ensure the vibration file will be logged with the correct user.  The user can then simply remove the issued dosimeter from the dock and monitor their vibration throughout their shift.


 Users simply select themselves from the list, enter their unique code and press activate. A dosimeter with sufficient charge will then be issued

At the end of a shift the user simply replaces the dosimeter into the docking station and the software will automatically download the vibration file and assign it to the user. The operator is also able to view their own files including; individual vibration profiles over a shift or a comparison of cumulative HSE points acquired. These file review features are powerful tools that allow users to ensure they are below exposure limits as well as providing the ability to identify which activities cause the most exposure.

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Admin users have full control of their HAVSense system with the ability to; create and manage users, register and manage dosimeters and manage the individual vibration files. The admin settings window is only accessible to administrators and allows much wider control of the system and some useful functions. When a new dosimeter is added to the system admins can use the HAVSense software to register the dosimeter to their system, ensuring that the dosimeter is only used where permitted. In the admin settings window one can also see when a dosimeter next requires calibration and view its information such as serial number and firmware version. Dosimeters also have a number of settings that can be controlled by the admin including; when vibration files are uploaded (Immediately or otherwise) and whether files are automatically archived. Admin users are also able to set a local or network location for backup of vibration files. This feature also allows other admins to access the files from other computers on the network, making monitoring and sharing data simple.

admin page

 The admin window offers a wide range of controls for managing the HAVSense system


Once users have begun monitoring their vibration exposure, admins are able to view and compare their files. In the ‘Plots’ window, admins can add files from any shift and user allowing comparison between shifts and individuals. The HSE history window allows admins to view the HSE points an operator has accumulated over a shift and compare it with the rest of that operator’s history. Many of our users have used these functions to reduce the vibration their operators are exposed to.



HAVSco Software


Technical Specification

Installation Size
40.5 Mb
Minimum System Requirements
    Disk Space
Intel Celeron
    2 gb
    1 gb of free space
    USB-2 port
Compatible Operating Systems
Windows 7/8/8.1/10




Software Manual

HAVSco Document

Installation Instructions

HAVSco Document


HAVSco Document